October 28, 2022 1 min read

Trick or treating. Jack o'lantern carving. Haunted house visits. No matter how your family celebrates spooky season, Miko is ready to witch you a Happy Halloween! Read on for more on Miko 3's Halloween-themed fun, from ghoulish dances to your little robot's version of "trick or treat." 

A groovy Halloween Dance with Miko 3



Want to boogie down with skeletons, vampires and your witty little robot friend? With Miko's super-fun Halloween Dance, you can! Simply launch the Dance Master app and choose the Halloween dance icon; it's the one across the top with the skeleton, vampire and ghosts. Then, get ready to groove!

Spook-tacular chats

Why do we celebrate Halloween? What is Miko planning to dress up as this year? Whether your kid is curious about the history of Halloween or wants some fun ideas from their pal Miko, this little robot's got you covered. 

Try asking these Halloween-themed questions. (Remember, start by saying "Hello Miko!)

  • Do you celebrate Halloween?
  • What costume will you wear on Halloween?
  • What activity can I do on Halloween?
  • What is the best thing about Halloween?
  • What is Halloween?
  • Why is Halloween celebrated?
  • How is Halloween celebrated?
  • When is Halloween celebrated?

Or, say "Hello Miko" and try one of these commands for a frightfully fun time with your robot friend.

  • Scare me.
  • Let's play trick or treat
  • Tell me a Halloween joke.
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Play spooky sounds

Looking for more Halloween activities with Miko 3? Head on over to the Kidoodle.TV app for tons of kids "Hallowstreaming" shows, or create monster-themed art with Kidloland Coloring!