December 25, 2021 2 min read

The holidays are here, and there’s a reason why they call it “the most wonderful time of the year.” It’s the season for sleigh rides in the snow, shiny wrapping paper, beloved family traditions — and a whole lot of Miko holiday fun! As your little one is waiting for Santa to arrive, spread the holiday cheer with these Christmas surprises from Miko.

Christmas Magic


Nothing says “holidays” quite like Santa’s iconic laugh. In this holly jolly interactive game, your little one will test their motor skills as they try to make Chris Cringle go “ho ho ho!”

Once you’ve launched this Talent, have your kid rub Miko’s sensor until the on-screen Santa laughs. When he does, your child will receive a special Christmas gift from their pal Miko: emojis, stickers, special dance routines and more!

How to get started:Have your child navigate to the Talent tab. Then, tap “Christmas Magic” to start the holiday fun!

Learn more:Check out Christmas Magic on the Parent App!

Wake the Santa


The award-winning creators at Da Vinci Kids know how to make learning fun. With their Wake the Santa game, your kid can explore a winter wonderland of playful learning!  


Once your child launches the game, they’ll see a snoozing Santa and a falling snowflake. With each level, the goal is the same: to drop the snowflake so that it lands on Santa and wakes him from his slumbers. But as your child advances, this task requires more strategy and speed—making this 50-level game a real brain booster for your child!


How to get started:Have your child navigate to the Max tab. Then, tap “Wake the Santa” to launch the game. (Hint: Start your Miko Max seven-day free trial to access this awesome Christmas game!)

Learn more:Check out Wake the Santa on your Parent App!

Christmas Carols


Every family has their favorite holiday song, whether it’s “Jingle Bells,” “Silent Night” or a modern favorite that puts you in the holiday spirit. This season, treat your child to a Christmas carol singalong with Miko!


Simply have your child say “Hello Miko.” When you see “Ask Your Question?” appear on the screen, ask Miko to play a favorite holiday song. (Not sure where to start? Try “Jingle Bells,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “Joy To the World” or a new tune like the “Santa Christmas Happy Song!”)

Holiday Commands

Is your kid curious why people decorate trees on Christmas? Do they want to learn more about the history of Hanukkah? With Miko’s holiday commands, fun facts are only a question away!

Have your child say “Hello Miko” just like they did for the Christmas Carol activity above. Then, when “Ask Your Question?” appears on the screen, do just that! To test out Miko commands, you can try asking, “When is Hanukkah?” or “Why do people celebrate Christmas?”

Team Miko is wishing your family a happy holiday, no matter how you choose to celebrate. (And if we can do anything to make your child’s time with Miko even more magical, email us!)