August 01, 2022 2 min read

We’ve had lots of opportunities for fun in the sun this summer! Sometimes, however, the weather just won’t cooperate — and even the most active little ones need a reprieve from the heat. Looking for lots of fresh new content to keep your child occupied and stimulated when they’re not running around outside? Luckily, Lingokids has just that, and it’s available right now for your kid to explore!

What’s included in the new Lingokids content?

We’re talking about new games, sketches, and tons of new songs, all designed for kids ages 3 and up. With more than 20 new songs and sketches, the Music to Our Ears podcast and fun new games, that’s a ton of great content to explore!

Let’s take a quick preview of some of the new Lingokids content available now on Miko 3.

Cowy’s T-Rex

Have you ever had a T-rex as a friend? Is it safe? Cowy knows all about it, including the accommodations that friends sometimes have to make for a dinosaur friend with tiny arms. Take a look!*

*Miko does not recommend making friends with an actual T-rex :) 

Bees Buzz

A panda looking at a beehive.

What do bees say? How many words can you think of that start with “B?” This song puts that proposition to the test. It’s got a bouncy, bopping beat. But is it the best? You bet, buddy!

Treasure Hunt

A panda looking at a small cow holding up a treasure map.

What’s better than finding a treasure chest? The journey with friends to get there! Grab your map and let’s discover all we’ll have to do to finally get to the treasure chest and find out what’s inside. We’ll have to climb, slide and who knows what else — but we’ll get there in the end.

If all this sounds like music to your ears, open up the Lingokids app on Miko to start the fun now. With so much to discover, it’ll make your summer afternoons a breeze! Explore Lingokids for free or get access to the entire app with your Miko Max subscription.