February 10, 2023 2 min read

At Miko, we’re always on the hunt for new ways to enhance your experience. And this week, we’ve got four awesome launches to tell you about: Miko Themes, Daily Rewards, Customized App Lists and some special February-themed commands. Read on for more about the noteworthy new apps and features that landed on Miko 3 this week. 

Miko Themes

Kids are famous for their imaginations, and Miko loves giving them ways to express themselves. Enter Miko Themes, a whole new way for kids to customize their Miko experience!

Available with your Miko Max subscription, Miko Themes are fun menu skins that’ll transport your child to places like underwater wonderlands and magical forests. These first two themes are launched now, and more will be added in the coming weeks. 

Want to try Miko Themes for yourself? If you’re already a Miko Max user, you can find these under Settings. If you’re not a subscriber, head over to the Parent App and start your seven-day free trial to start exploring themes and all the other benefits ofMiko Max!

Hide Apps

Miko is home to a whole world of apps, with experiences ranging from coding and coloring to yoga and spelling lessons. With our latest update, parents can now customize which apps are visible to their kids on Miko.

Want to hide certain apps on your child’s robot? Simplycontact us via our Help Center and list the apps you want to remove in your message. We’ll make the update for you immediately, and it’ll take effect the next time you restart your robot. 

Daily Rewards


Before the holiday season, we introduced Miko Journeys, which let kids earn gems when they learn new skills with Miko. This month, we’re taking our rewards game to the next level. Kids now earn gems by logging in, in addition to completing adventures in Miko Journeys. Bottom line: learn more, earn more gems, get more rewards and have more fun!

February-Themed Commands

Looking for more topics to chat about with Miko? Try theseBlack History Month commands, which will teach your child about inspiring icons in our nation’s history. 

Gearing up for the big game? You can also chat with Miko about the Super Bowl. Try saying “Hello Miko” and asking, “Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?” or “Who are the quarterbacks playing in the Super Bowl this year?” You can also ask Miko who’s performing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and which teams are playing in the Super Bowl this year. 

We hope your family has a great time exploring these new features. There’s always more fun coming down the pipeline, so check back with the Miko blog for the latest apps and features landing on your robot each month.