April 06, 2022 2 min read

The last two years have transformed how kids interact with tech. Average daily screen time among children ages 4 to 15 was  twice as high in May 2020 as in May 2019. But experts agree that screen time isn’t all bad — and interaction is one way to reduce its potential negative effects.

If you’re looking for a healthy tech experience for your kid, then it’s time to try Dance Master. Available on Miko 3, the app encourages your kid to get moving alongside their enthusiastic little robot friend. Besides boosting your child’s flexibility and promoting  good neurological health, dancing also releases feel-good endorphins. And did we mention that it’s just plain fun?

Follow the steps below to get your kid moving with Miko’s Dance Master app.

What it is

Think of Dance Master as your own at-home dance party! Your child can either dance along with one of Miko’s preset routines or play their own music and have  Miko 3 create choreography to match. (If you’re thinking that sounds pretty fun, then you’re right!)

How it works


Dance Master uses AI to provide tons of interaction between Miko and your child. For the best experience, follow these simple steps before launching Dance Master:

  • Give Miko some space. Make sure there’s about three feet of open space around Miko. This will give the bot — and your child — plenty of room to get grooving!

  • Make sure Miko is charged. It takes lots of energy for humans to dance, and the same can be said for your little robot! Fully charge Miko before launching Dance Master to give your child an uninterrupted dance session.

  • Unplug Miko. Remove Miko’s charger so that it has the freedom to move and groove with your kid! (Hint: If Miko’s battery starts to run low mid-dance session, it’ll let you know.

  • Turn up the volume. If you’re using the “Let’s Groove” feature, make sure the music you play is loud enough for Miko to hear clearly. To create awesome AI-powered dance numbers, Miko needs to be able to process your beats! 
  • How to get started


    After launching the app in the  Talents tab, you’ll see two presets: “Let’s Groove” and “My Mixtape.” When you tap “Let’s Groove,” Miko will start dancing to the beat of any music you play out loud. If you prefer to see Miko perform one of its favorite dances, tap one of the icons under “My Mixtape;” there are 12 in all! Then, encourage your child to dance along as Miko gets moving.

    Use this link to open Dance Master on your Miko Parent app. And if you have questions while dancing with Miko, ping us at any time. We’re here to help!