August 09, 2022 2 min read

They’re soft, squishy and white. They taste great, and they make great treats by themselves or as part of another dessert like S’mores. But did you know that marshmallows can race each other?

Try it for yourself! Get a couple of friends or relatives and challenge yourselves to a marshmallow Grand Prix. 

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Get some marshmallows and some straws. Make sure the marshmallows are small enough to be blown along by air from your straw. Mini marshmallows would work great, but jumbos may be too big to move! 

Each participant should have their own marshmallow and straw. 

Step 2: Create Your Starting Line
 Several marshmallows on a starting line next to some straws.

Line your marshmallows up on a table. It’s good to have a starting line to make sure you have a fair race!

Step 3: Set Your Finish Line

A finish line next to some straws.

Create a finish line on the other side of your table. Use a piece of string to create the finish line. Or, you could have the finish line be the edge of the table...just be careful not to have your marshmallows fall onto the floor!

Step 4: Race! 

A marshmallow being blown down the raceway by air from a straw.

On your mark, get set, blow! Use the straw to blow your marshmallow across the finish line! The first one whose marshmallow gets blown across is the winner.

Remember to clean up when you’re finished. Marshmallow racers should still be edible as treats, as long as they didn’t fall on a dirty floor.

What’s the grand prize? It’s up to you! Now good luck and enjoy your day at the marshmallow races. (And if you want more fun game ideas from Miko, check out the Tidbits tab! If you tap the Enjoy category, you’ll find all sorts of fun activities to do at home, from having marshmallow races to making salads in a jar!)