June 16, 2022 1 min read

Happy Father’s Day, Miko friends!

We wanted to take a minute to wish all fathers and father figures in your life a very happy Father’s Day. This is a great opportunity to celebrate some of the special people in our lives, and Miko has a lot to say about it too!

If you want to get Miko talking about Father’s Day, just say “Hello Miko” followed by these phrases to hear something special:

“Do you celebrate Father's Day?”

“What should I do on Father's Day?”

“Do you have any plans for Father's Day?”

“What should I gift my dad on Father's Day?”

“Do you know how to make a Father's Day card?”

“What fun activities can I do with my dad on Father's Day?”

“Can you wish my dad a Happy Father's Day?”

“When is Father's Day celebrated?”

“Why is Father's Day celebrated?”

Miko has some suggestions for making Father’s day super special, but you’ll have to start the conversation to find out what they are. Get to talking, and Happy Father’s Day!