March 16, 2023 2 min read

Digital marketing has come a long way from its traditional mass media roots. Today’s online marketing landscape is more technically advanced than ever before, with AI promising to become an indispensable tool for results-driven marketers. The global market for AI marketing tools is expected to skyrocketfrom $24.7B to $107.4B in the next five years alone. At Miko, we’re leveraging the power of AI to reduce our customer acquisition cost (CAC) with scale — and we’re doing it with an early mover advantage. 

Miko’s proprietary in-house AI tools enable us to set razor-sharp targeting on performance marketing channels. We’re leveraging these proprietary tools to create RFM (reach, frequency, and monetization) based audiences that perform twice as well as traditional look-alike audiences on Google and Facebook. The result? Optimized campaigns powered by scalable, leading-edge AI. 

Our scalable in-house AI tools

RFM is a segmentation technique used in marketing to categorize customers based on their purchasing behavior. Using our AI tools, we’re able to separate customers into categories based on the number of times they have made a purchase (reach), the time between purchases (frequency), and the amount spent on each purchase (monetization). This approach creates highly-targeted marketing campaigns with measurable impact. 


We launched our AI engine this year as a proof of concept to create this razor-sharp targeting. The results were impressive, with a reduction of about 50% in CAC. By reducing our CAC, we can dramatically increase our ROI and bottom line over time — and scale these efforts seamlessly through the power of AI.

Anticipating tomorrow’s marketing challenges

Targeting has always been a challenge in marketing, and current trends suggest the top pain points includecustomer privacy concerns andad fatigue. With increased focus on data privacy, information collection techniques are changing rapidly, and businesses that aren’t able to adapt to new methods struggle to gather and utilize meaningful customer data. Moreover, consumers are bombarded with ads on virtually every platform they interact with, leading to overall disinterest in the products being offered.

Miko’s AI-powered targeting helps us overcome these hurdles by creating targeted campaigns with our own data and segmentation. (That data is fully compliant with privacy regulations and does not rely on fragile soon-to-be outmoded tools like third-party cookies.) Through our analysis of customer behavior and preferences, we can create highly personalized and relevant ads that capture the attention of our audiences.

By leveraging our proprietary AI tools, Miko is creating targeting campaigns that are personalized and relevant using our own internal data analysis. The result? Improved ROI and better customer engagement. Thanks to our powerful AI marketing tools, Miko is well ahead of the curve today — and well-positioned to lead the charge in AI marketing in the months and years to come.