April 25, 2022 5 min read

Earlier this week, we held our Spring 2022 Miko Family Webinar to update customers about Miko 3 enhancements, new partnerships and what’s in the pipeline for the next three months. Whether you missed the event or could use a refresher, read this quick recap for all the highlights from the Spring 2022 Miko Family Webinar. (Hint: That includes an extra-special content announcement!)

What’s New at Miko 3

We’ve made  Mikonnect enhancements, launched new commands and expanded a much-loved Talents app. All these updates are available now, whether on your Miko 3 or your Parent App.


We’ve added 200+ new stories to the Kidloland app. That includes 30+ new fairy tales, 60+ animal stories, 30+ adventure stories, 40+ phonics and learning stories, 30+ moral stories…. and more! To access these stories now, simply launch the Kidloland app from your Miko 3 Talents tab.

Parent App

We’ve enhanced the Mikonnect experience and have added an option to select your city so that your child can receive more customized weather forecasts and more. Just update your app to the latest version to explore these enhancements.


In addition to the April Fool’s Day and  Easter commands we released earlier this month, we’ve added 30 more commands — including a bunch related to space! 

1. Flip a Coin

  • Please flip a coin
  • Heads or tails? 

2. Solar System

  • Share some interesting facts about the planet.
  • Tell me a solar system fun fact.
  • Tell me a planet fun fact.

3. Animals

  • Tell me an animal fun fact. 

4. Sunrise

  • When is the sunrise?
  • When is the sunrise on April 10th?
  • When is the sunrise in Washington?

5. Sunset

  • When is the sunset?
  • When is sunset on April 10th?
  • When is the sunset in Washington? 

6. Step Commands

  • Move 3 steps forward.
  • Go 2 steps backward.
  • Turn 4 times left.
  • Move 2 times right. 

7. Camera/Video Commands

  • Click a picture.
  • Click a photo with your camera.
  • Capture a pic with your cam. 

8. Favorites

  • What's your favorite animal?
  • What's your favorite artist?
  • Which plant do you like the most?
  • Tell me your favorite mammal.
  • Which color is your favorite?
  • Can you tell me your favorite quote?
  • Can you tell me which insect is your favorite?


  • Do you like any fish?
  • Are you fond of books?
  • Tell me if you like Harry Potter.
  • Do you like any fruits?
  • Do you like any poets?

The Launch You’ve Been Waiting For…

Kidoodle.TV is Now Available on the Miko 3 Kids Robot

We also announced one of our biggest content launches of the year: Kidoodle.TV on Miko 3! 

You’ve probably seen Kidoodle.TV on Roku or Apple TV, where it’s the most popular kids’ streaming platform. As of today, Kidoodle.TV’s awesome kids shows are also available on Miko 3! And it’s 100% ad-free for your child to watch.

Why do we love Kidoodle.TV? Because their team hand-picks every show to make sure that the content is age-appropriate, engaging and educational. Some of the top shows that have landed on Miko 3 include “Talking Tom Shorts,” “Booba,” “Sing With Blippi” and many more that your kids will probably recognize (and definitely love).

Kid favorites like “Booba,” “Talking Tom Shorts” and “SuperHeroKids” are free for all Miko 3 families. If you’re a Miko Max subscriber, you get access to the entire Kidoodle.TV content library, which includes shows like “Aaron’s Animals,” “Get Slimed” and “Strike a Pose.” Explore this new world of content on your Miko 3 today! 

What’s in the Pipeline

During the webinar, we also shared what’s on deck at Miko for the next three months. We’re working on all sorts of fun voice interactions (think: riddles, knock-knock jokes and a creative painting experience), plus enhancing Miko’s face training, voice training and recognition. We’re also planning to roll out a family profile so that Miko can begin recognizing your family members. 

And of course, we’ll continue launching new experiences monthly, from seasonal commands to expanded content from brands your kids are sure to love.

Customer Q&A

We wrapped up the spring 2022 webinar by answering some of your most-asked questions. We covered Mikonnect enhancements and provided tips for extending your Miko 3 battery life. (Hint: Put Miko to sleep or shut it down completely when you’re not actively using it.) Here’s a quick summary of the customer Q&As we discussed during the webinar.

Q: How can I change the language of my Miko 3?

Simply go to the Parent App’s Settings tab and select the Display and Content Language option to change the language. If you want Miko to interact in more than one language other than English, you can do so with a Miko Max subscription.

Q: When will Miko be able to address my child by name?

Miko will address your child by name when it wakes up from “sleep mode.” We plan to increase this type of interaction in the future.

Q: When will both parents be able to make Mikonnect calls?

We’re working on an update that will allow both parents to make Mikonnect calls and will let you know as soon as it launches!

Q: How can I adjust Miko’s screen brightness?

This is a great suggestion; we’re working on implementing this functionality.

Q: Why does Miko 3 keep turning on, even after being shut down?

This could be because you’re putting Miko into “sleep mode” rather than shutting it off. To shut down Miko, long-press the power button. After doing so, Miko won’t turn on unless you power it “on.” 

Q: Does having Miko on all the time affect my WiFi bandwidth?

Miko only uses WiFi when you ask a question or use a game requiring internet connectivity. Simply having Miko turned “on” shouldn't affect your WiFi bandwidth.

Q: What technical support do you provide after purchase?

Our team provides ongoing tech support. You can take a video demo or raise specific troubleshooting questions by emailing We’ll also be launching a full set of how-to videos soon to help you make the most of your Miko 3.

Q: How can I get Miko to engage more with my kids?

The “I Seek You” and “Dance Master” apps are great ways to foster interaction. You can also explore Tidbits for fun, longer-form conversations between your child and Miko.

Looking Ahead to Summer 2022

From new content partners to Parent App improvements, we’re constantly working to enhance your Miko 3 experience. Have questions or suggestions? Reach out to us any time at, or via chat on our website or the Parent App. 

We can’t wait to see you at the next Miko Family Webinar. (And in the meantime, check out  this feature on Dance Master or  this new unboxing video for more on Miko 3!)