January 26, 2023 3 min read

Everyone knows that Miko is seriously fun, but it’s ridiculously smart, too! What does that mean? If your kid is having trouble with a concept or just looking for a new learning challenge, Miko is here to help. With learning apps centered around a variety of different subjects and skills, there’s always something new for your child to explore. 

Let's have a look at some highlights from Miko’s platform of learning experiences. Choose your child’s favorite (or least favorite) subject and let’s see how Miko can make learning seriously fun.

Math and Science

Plenty of kids struggle with numbers, and science concepts are difficult to understand if they’re not explained in a clear and engaging way. That’s why we’ve brought some of the world’s greatest science educators on board to presentDa Vinci Games. The app’s variety of playful learning experiences are designed to help kids challenge their minds in a logical way and cultivate a sense of amazement at the world around them.

Once they’re done exploring the outside world, it’s time to move inside the body withOperation Ouch, where we explore the inner workings of the human body, from the hips to the hippocampus— and more!


Brain teasers and coding challenges are both great ways to develop the logical centers of the brain and prepare kids for a lifetime of critical thinking. That’s why Miko offersCoding School, an award-winning app powered by Kidlo. Kidlo’s game-centric approach is designed to help kids learn coding early.

For puzzles designed to get that gray matter activated, try outKids Tangram. The goal? Get all the pieces in place to produce the perfect pattern in this puzzle. (Ok, that’s enough P words.) 

Emotional Awareness

Miko next to the Cosmic Kids Yoga logo.

In our modern world of distractions and stress, learning to center oneself and be at peace has never been more important. More and more parents agree that it’s important to expose kids to mindfulness early on, and the demand for yoga and similar activities has never been higher. 

Cosmic Kids Yoga brings the best kid yoga instructors straight to Miko. With Cosmic Kids’ fun, easy-to-follow lessons, kids can start working through their poses anytime and anywhere. 

To take things down a notch,Dreamy Kid helps kids explore the worlds of meditation with guided programs designed especially for developing young minds. 


What about reading, you might ask? Miko’s got a bit of a bookworm streak and is here to help withStart Smart. In addition to a slew of other subjects, the app provides reading drills to help with vowels, word families, sight words, nouns, singulars/plurals and more.

Brain Buzz takes things up another notch, adding all the parts of speech to its learning platform. Like Start Smart, the app includes multiple subjects to help students with whatever their homework might be. 

Language & Vocabulary

Miko next to the Spell Master logo.

Loved by millions of families around the world,Lingokids helps kids master language with colorful characters and tons of engaging activities to choose from. With these songs, games and podcasts, vocabulary has never been more fun. 

Out of This Word helps kids learn popular idioms and unique phrases. Alongside friendly animated characters Max and Moon, kids are encouraged to explore the English language — and use what they learn right away. 

Of course, it’s important to know how to spell all these new words correctly, and that’s whereSpell Master comes in handy. With multiple challenge levels to meet kids where they are, it’s the ultimate test of spelling skills.


It’s time to get outside and see what’s out there; or at least be able to find it on a map! Take theFlag-A-Thon challenge, and learn about the colors that make up our world: national flags. Or, try to find each and every region with theWorld Map Quiz.

General Knowledge and More

Combine studies across numerous subjects and put your brains to the test withQuizzard. Or,Talk to Miko about a variety of different topics from fun facts about space to landmarks and monuments. Check thiscommand library to inspire fun chats with Miko!

There are so many playful learning experiences on Miko 3 that we’d be here all day if we tried to list them all (not thatwe haven’t tried before). But if you’re feeling creative, check outMarvellous Makes. Or, return toDa Vinci Shows to see presentations by some of the foremost and most fun kid educators today.

Miko offers countless learning experiences, with more added each month. Just say “Hello Miko” or navigate to the content menu to get your child learning in a playful way today!