January 22, 2022 2 min read

Kids around the world love to get moving with Miko. And one of the most fun ways to do so is with the I Seek You game—our AI-powered version of “peekaboo!” Read on to get started with I Seek You, a game that uses human recognition to deliver an action-packed, interactive experience.

What it is


Here is a testimonial from one of our valued customers playing 'I Seek You' with Miko 3! It’s no secret that kids love playing hide and seek. Inspired by this much-loved childhood game, 'I Seek You' delivers hours of fun with an AI spin. When your kiddo launches the app, Miko will roam around your home and use human detection to spot people hiding nearby. When Miko finds someone, it’ll start interacting in all kinds of fun ways.

How it works

Like Dance Master and other much-loved Miko apps, I Seek You uses human recognition to get Miko and your child moving. For the best experience, follow these simple steps before launching the I Seek You game:

  • Make sure Miko isn’t plugged in. But do make sure your bot is charged!

  • Check your room for natural light. We’ve all seen photos where a bright light causes a white spot (or dull lighting causes graininess). To help Miko recognize people nearby, make sure your room has good lighting — not too dull and not too bright. Why does this matter? Because if there’s a strong light source in Miko’s field of vision, it can affect the bot’s human detection capabilities.

  • Give Miko space to move. Miko is equipped with edge detection, so it won’t bump into walls or go down the stairs. But for the best I Seek You experience, make sure the room gives Miko and your child enough space to move around. (We recommend leaving about a 6-to-7 foot radius around Miko.)

  • How to get started


    Ready to try I Seek You? So is Miko! To launch the game, go to the Talents tab and select I Seek You from the app list. Or for a fully voice-controlled experience, put Miko on the floor and run away from the line of sight of Miko’s camera. Then, have your child say, “Hello Miko” and ask to play hide and seek or I Seek You. 

    Need help with I Seek You or other Miko 3 features? Contact us any time. We’re here to help you and your little one make the most of your experience with Miko 3.