January 22, 2022 2 min read

Every child has awesome talents just waiting to be cultivated. And no matter what your child is interested in, Miko has apps to help them flourish! On the Miko 3 Talents tab, you’ll find a whole world of games, videos, quests, conversational experiences and other apps just waiting for your child to explore.

Want to get started with Talents? Read on for a brief list of Miko's apps, and for a full list of apps and features visit our Help Center at 

Creative Arts Apps

  • Coloring Club
  • Marvellous Makes

Environmental Apps

  • Wild Jingle

Fun Apps

  • Adventure Stories
  • Animal Story
  • Camera
  • Charades
  • Christmas Magic
  • Dance Master
  • Da Vinci
  • Disney Stories
  • Fairy Tales
  • Freeze Dance
  • I Seek You
  • Kidoodle.TV
  • Miko Music
  • Miko Moves
  • Mikojis
  • Mikonnect
  • Mirror Me
  • Moments
  • Ninja Turtles
  • Robowalk
  • Tapping Toes

Language Apps

  • Lingokids
  • Out of this Word
  • Spell Master

Logic Apps

  • Kids Tangram
  • Puzzle Time
  • Tic Tac Toe


  • Brain Buzz
  • Coding School
  • Operation Ouch
  • Start Smart

Trivia Apps

  • Talk to Miko
  • Tidbits Time

Value-Based Apps

  • Moral Stories
  • Ting Ting Tales

World Apps

  • Backpacking!
  • Flag-A-Thon
  • World Map Quiz

Wellness Apps

  • Cosmic Kids
  • Dreamy Kid
  • Fight Viruses


With more apps added each month, Miko 3 offers a whole world of playful learning for your child to explore. Want to dive deeper into Miko 3’s features? Check out Tidbits, which let your child have long-form conversations with Miko, and read our guide on talking to Miko.

Need help with Talents or any other Miko 3 capabilities? Ping our support team any time at or via our website’s chat feature. And don’t forget to check your kid’s progress with Talents on the Parent App!