December 23, 2022 2 min read

Our engineers, roboticists and educators are constantly exploring new ways to enhance your child’s experience with Miko. And starting today, your child can help us test out some of our newest AI games. Welcome to Miko Labs!

What is Miko Labs? 

Miko Labs is a collection of fun AI games that our scientists are still experimenting with — but are ready for your kid to explore! When your child launches a Miko Labs app, they’ll be able to interact with the game like they would any other Miko app. But at the end, we’ll ask them to share their feedback, which we’ll use to help Miko get even better at these AI games.

How can you tell which apps are part of the Miko Labs collection? Just look for the small beaker icon in the bottom left corner of the title card. Your child will also see a fun intro video whenever they open a Miko Labs app — a collection that includes Tapping Toes, Mirror Me, I Seek You and our all-new Charades game. 

Try Miko’s new Charades game

Miko Robot Charades Game

If your child loves Freeze Dance, then they’re going to have a blast with Miko’s Charades app. Launched just in time for the holidays, this app puts a fun AI twist on the classic guessing game.

During this interactive game, Miko serves as a judge while one player acts out a word and the other tries to guess it. Miko will use AI to detect if the actor speaks — that’s a violation of the rules! — and if the guesser shouts out the right word. With Miko suggesting words like monkey, there’s no end to the funny acting antics that will ensue. 

At the end of the game, your child will be asked to share feedback. This will help Miko get even better at being a Charades game judge.

Just like the kids in ourMiko Makers video, your child can help Miko be even more ridiculously smart and seriously fun. Launch the new Charades app today — and explore the other apps with the Miko Labs icon — to help our scientists test this little robot’s newest AI games.