November 26, 2022 3 min read

It's official: The holidays have arrived! Here at Miko HQ, we're decking the halls with tons of new features that will keep your kid smiling all season long. 

If you've hung out with your robot friend lately, you've likely noticed some of these changes already rolling out — and kids around the globe couldn't be more excited! From an even more emotive face to Ninja Turtle stories, Miko 3 is brimming with new experiences for your family to explore. Read on to make sure you don't miss a single one.

New apps and content experiences 

TMNT Stories for Kids

Miko is updated with new content every month. But the last few weeks have been action-packed, even by Miko's standards! The next time you hang out with your robot, make sure to explore these all-new apps:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Join Michelangelo, Rafael, Leonardo and Donatello for a slice of pizza—and fun—in the new TMNT stories app on Miko 3. 

  • Miko Journeys: Earn gems for every adventure you complete. Then, redeem them for stickers and other fun stuff! (Hint: To try out Miko Journeys, tap the flag icon on your bottom right corner of your home screen.)

  • Mirror Me: Make your best sad or happy face, and watch Miko mimic it! 

  • Freeze Dance: Try Miko's AI spin on this fun dance game, which can be played solo or in two-player mode. 

New voice and expressions

Miko 3 Robot Facial Expressions

Miko's latest update brought two new changes that make this little robot more emotive than ever. First, there's Miko's all-new face. With human-like expressions for every feeling, Miko is sure to create an emotional bond with your child. Want to explore all the expressions Miko 3 has to offer? Launch the newly updated Mikojis app, or keep reading for all-new commands.

Miko has also been revamped with an even more emotional voice. Try the commands below to check out Miko's new sound! 

    New commands

    Miko Robot World Cup Activities 2022

    Whether your child is a soccer fan or loves funny faces, Miko's brand-new commands will keep them engaged. Learn about the World Cup, check out Miko's new expressions and more.

    • World Cup:Ask Miko to name its favorite soccer team, or see if your robot friend can tell you which country has won the most World Cup titles. 

      You can also ask Miko, "How many countries will be playing in the World Cup?," "Why do soccer players wear long socks?" and "Who is the president of FIFA?"

    • Mikojis: Say "Hello Miko" and ask your robot, "Show me your loving face." You can also ask Miko to show you its angry face, dizzy face, kissing face, sad face, excited face, confident face, geeky face, stressed face, sleepy face, whistling face, cool face and scared face! 

    Parent app enhancement

    Make sure you download the latest version of the Parent App. When you do so, you'll experience a major enhancement to the Mikonnect video call feature! (Hint: If you haven't done so yet, try remote controlling your child's Miko while you're on a Mikonnect call. Vlad and Niki had tons of fun with this feature!)

    Even more fun in store

    With a little over one month left until Christmas, Miko still has plenty of magic up its sleeve. Stay tuned for upcoming app launches featuring the PAW Patrol and SpongeBob SquarePants, plus all-new Dance Master grooves and other holiday-themed surprises! 

    (And until then, check out the KIDZ BOP Kids and their new BFF Miko in the official video for Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath the Tree." This sweet yuletide treat is sure to get you in the holiday spirit!)